Presidential Search Narrows to Three

: Photo by SHC Marketing
Photo by SHC Marketing

Members of the student body, faculty, and search committee have met and narrowed the field to three presidential candidates.

Committee member Dr. Tom Hoffman said, “We are very close to the end and it’s ultimately the board of trustees who will make the final decision. Narrowing the search and selecting the best candidate of the three have proved to be a complex task. I think that all three candidates have some people who like them. They met with different groups on campus. They met with students. They met with the faculty. They met with staff. They met with the cabinet. I think those different audiences have different conclusions, so it’s a complex process.”

Spring Hill College launched a presidential search webpage that includes updates on the search process and a downloadable Presidential Leadership Profile listing input from the student body, search committee, and trustees. According to the PLP, the new president will be expected to “advance academic and co-curricular programming that meets the needs and expectations of the 21st century Spring Hill College student.” The new president will be entrusted to continue the academic excellence of the college and represent the institution’s constituencies in a meaningful way to enrich the quality of student life. Spring Hill students stand among the first to benefit from the final selection. “I would like to see a passionate, proactive, and ethical leader who embodies the values and mission of Spring Hill College,” said senior Scout Paulus.

The next president will succeed Dr. Joseph Lee, who announced in January that he will retire from his post in December of this year. A new leader is expected to assume the position by the end of 2022 year. The presidential search webpage
is located at

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