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Car Smashing with Hill Speak


Hill Speak raised over $100 with a Smash Out Domestic Violence event outside Yenni Hall. 

Smashing, spray painting and broken were all seen on campus at a car smashing event. 

Students put on safety gear, gloves and goggles before taking the sledgehammer to swing at the vehicle

“We’re out here on Yenni Circle doing a little bit of car smashing for domestic violence awareness month. We have some spray paint here to write out some stereotypes and myths of domestic violence and then smashing them,” said Residence Life Coordinator, MacKenzie Barron.

All the money raised is a donation to the Penelope House in Mobile.

It was only a $1 donation for three swings or to graffiti and students took advantage of this opportunity. 

“I came out today to support domestic violence and release some anger out on the car and it was a lot of fun,” freshman Max Davis said.

Students were able to take out some frustrations and raise money to end domestic violence. 

“So, I smashed the car today because I have been really stressed out and I needed something to pound at, get all that aggression out. So, this was really good to do that for,” senior Emma Gerety said.

The event lasted until 3 p.m. on Thursday, October 20.

For more information about Hill Speak go to HILLSPEAK. To watch the full video go to Smashing Domestic Violence or watch it on Facebook at Smash Against Violence.

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