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Einstein Bros. Employee Brews Up Personal Connections

Natalie Williamson : Mrs. Mica Thomas-Stanton, Einsteins Bros. manager, serving students
Mrs. Mica Thomas-Stanton, Einsteins Bros. manager, serving students

For 17 years, Mrs. Mica Thomas-Stanton has not only worked at Spring Hill College, but also formed connections with many students on the Hill. As the manager of Einstein Bros. Bagels, Thomas-Stanton works to make sure students get their coffee, smoothies and bagels. “My favorite part about working at Einstein’s is seeing students grow,” said Thomas-Stanton in her black Einstein Bros. Bagels polo. “I love y’all. That’s what I really like is seeing y’all come in as babies and maturing.”

When students walk into Einstein Bros. Bagels, they are always greeted with Thomas-Stanton’s smiling face. As tears formed in her eyes, Thomas-Stanton placed her hand over her heart and said, “My heart feels so warm to know that somebody is accepting what I’m giving out. It’s really bringing tears to my eyes. I’ve got kids of my own, so I understand y’all trying to figure out a way, and if I can help y’all in any way, I would love to.”

Einsteins, as students call it, is known as one of the hot spots of SHC. Students file in for their everyday breakfast needs. Junior Victoria Spivey, an avid customer, said after sipping her iced coffee, “Mrs. Mica is very friendly. She cares about students a lot and you can tell. She is interested in who you are as a person.” As for senior Adelisca LeBlanc, she agreed with Spivey, saying, “She is very sweet and friendly. The way she interacts with you is a bit more personal. She offers a more personal touch that adds to the atmosphere.”

With fall around the corner, Einstein Bros. Bagels is serving a new pumpkin spiced brew. Thomas-Stanton voiced her thoughts on the new brew, saying it has a “strong” taste, but those who love pumpkin will enjoy it. For more information or to look at the menu, go to

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