Campus Safety: Why Stops Signs Matter


The SHC campus is unsafe and actually dangerous. I am referring to road safety. On this whole campus there is not one sign posting the campus speed limit. (I think it is 20 mph, but who could know this?). The result is students, and others speeding along campus roads. This is especially dangerous given the number of locals who use our campus as the local public park-walking, jogging, blocking roads for photo calls. 

But the greater danger is the wholesale ignoring of the stop signs throughout the campus. Cars – especially students – regularly blast through the stop signs with no slowing down at all. This is especially true and very dangerous at the main entrance to campus in front of Toolen Hall. Cars entering the campus have a stop sign. Cross traffic crossing in front of Toolen towards the Avenue of the Oaks, has the right of way. 

In the past six months, I have had four near-misses at that point as a car – usually a student – blasts through the stop sign without ever even slowing down, and we have come within inches of a collision, with me having to slam on my brakes to avoid a serious accident. 

The second most dangerous place is the top of the golf course road. It ends in a T-junction with a stop sign. Traffic crossing that junction in both directions has no stop sign and has the right-of-way. Cars coming up the golf course road routinely ignore the stop sign. Other stop signs near Walsh Hall and by the drive going to Operations are also routinely ignored. 

This situation is an accident – and maybe a lawsuit – waiting to happen. 

The only way to stop this wholesale ignoring of campus stop sign is for Public Safety to begin enforcing the traffic rules – especially about stop signs and should start issuing tickets for violators. If a police car was stationed near the main entrance near Toolen Hall for just a couple of hours, the Officer would be shocked by what he observes. The only way to change this entrenched behavior is to warn the SHC community and then begin issuing tickets and fines. 

I’m just calling your attention to this serious and dangerous situation. It’s up to SHC to solve it before something bad happens. 

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