Students Express Why They Want to Bring Back Yearbooks


Many Spring Hill students have expressed they would like to see the college bring back yearbooks to highlight the events during the school year and encapsulate memories. The college’s yearbook went by many names throughout the school’s history, the most recent publication was known as “The Torch”.

The last time The Torch was published was in 2009 and the earliest publication was titled “The Corsair”, which was published in 1926. These yearbooks featured the class roster, student organizations, clubs, sports teams, and events throughout the year.

Senior Emily Polanco sent a message to a Class of 2023 group chat with a photo of an old Spring Hill College yearbook. The caption read, “Let’s bring back the yearbooks,” followed by responses and interactions from multiple students. Polanco said, “By bringing back yearbooks, we’ll be able to look back at our memories from The Hill. It’s a memento that we can carry with us after graduation.”

In regards to bringing the yearbook back for current students, it would be bigger and better because the school has more teams, events, and organizations that could be highlighted.

Organizations like Bowling and eSports were not around in 2009 and could be recognized in the pages of a new yearbook.

Senior Aaron Foster is currently in the process of spearheading a yearbook to be finished by the end of this school year. The Student Government Association has been discussing the idea during their meetings.

Foster stepped up to ensure the students would get what they want out of a new Spring Hill yearbook. “I think a yearbook is a great way to commemorate our class,” Foster said. “I’m hoping future SGA’s will continue the yearbooks. They’re truly a great way to show the highs and lows of our class.”

Foster hopes that a yearbook will preserve his class’s legacy on the Hill for many years to come.

Overall, it seems that students’ requests have been answered after all. With the yearbooks being brought back, it allows students to go back and look through the many memories they had through their year on the Hill.

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