Why Thank-A-Donor Day is Important to Students


The inaugural Thank A Donor Day will be held on Feb. 10, 2022, in the back of the student center from 11:30 a.m. until 1:45 p.m., where more than 1,000 donors will be sent cards and video messages thanking them for their generous donations from Give Day 2021. 

This event is being led by the Advancement team, who will be providing the cards and filming the video messages from students, faculty and staff. 

Thank A Donor Day is being started in order to thank donors for their generous donations in both time and money, which allows the Jesuit mission and education to live on at Spring Hill. The college is a private institution that is not supported by the state government and instead relies on donations, among other things, to help keep their commitment to “Cura Peronalis” alive. 

Cura Personalis is a care for the spiritual, social and intellectual growth of each person. This ideal is supported by the donations that help make students' dreams and visions come true. Whether it be through scholarships or campus renovations and improvements, each dollar helps to better the Spring Hill College community. 

With $10,000 from last year's Give Day, the school was able to purchase seven iMac’s for the Integrated Media Center. This upgrade helps students learn the most updated version of softwares that they will use after graduation and improves their real world knowledge. Donations are an important part of making sure the students, faculty and staff have the best resources and opportunities to succeed here on “The Hill.’’ 

Having this day dedicated to donors shows that their generous donations do not go unnoticed and the entire Spring Hill community appreciates the benefits they provide. The signed cards and videos, despite being a small way to show thanks, are a great way to offer a more personalized thank you to those who donate. 

The video messages add a personalized touch and might help donors feel more connected to the students their donations benefit. If I were a donor, I think that a card printed with a generic message would make me feel impersonal and as if the donation was unnoticed by the majority of the community. Being able to actually see the names and faces of the students who are benefiting from the donations allows the donors to feel personally connected to those that they are helping.

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