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SHC Students Participate in Lenten Season

Courtesy of SHC Student Media: Sodality Chapel
Sodality Chapel

Spring Hill College students share how they plan to partake in the Lenten season which takes place the 40 days after Ash Wednesday and into Easter Sunday.

     In the Catholic church, Lent is geared towards ordering ourselves and our minds towards getting ready for holy week and the resurrection that comes on Easter. 

     Easter is a solemn occasion in the church and lent is a time of preparation for this celebration. Rooted in Spring Hill College tradition, lent is a time of prayer and fasting.

     Spring Hill junior, Molly Snakenberg said, “For me Lent is a time of really intentional prayer with God, whether that’s me remembering to pray every day, remembering to make an effort to go to the chapel, or really spend that intentional time with God so that I can go deeper in my relationship with him and prepare for the resurrection.”

     During the 40 days of Lent, fasting is not just a time to give up food. Snakenberg shared that this year rather than giving up something she is making the effort to spend intentional time in prayer, whether in the chapel or in her room.

     Director of Campus Ministry, Colleen Lee said, “We can also think about fasting more broadly in a real simplicity of lifestyle, like what are those things that you can kind of pare down to be more in tuned to and more focused on things that are more important.”

     Campus Ministries challenges Spring Hill students to ask how we are called to give during Lent. The church offers students accessible ways to enter into the period of Lent. There are opportunities for prayer, retreats, and stations of the cross that are offered on Fridays at 2:00 p.m. For more information about Campus Ministry visit Campus Ministry/ To contact Campus Ministry email

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