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Mardi Gras Returns to Mobile After 2 Year Hiatus

Kassandra Fairly: Parade in downtown Mobile
Parade in downtown Mobile

Mardi Gras weekend festivities will kick off on Feb. 26 in downtown Mobile at 11 a.m. Parades will run all throughout the Mobile area Saturday-Tuesday. 

Mardi Gras returns to the streets of downtown Mobile for the first time since February 2020. In March of 2020, the world came to a screeching halt because of the COVID-19 virus. Mobile Mardi Gras is a historic event Mardi Gras has been rolling through the streets of Mobile since 1703. 

The cancellation of the 2021 Mardi Gras celebration was the first time Mobile missed out on their Mardi Gras carnival since World War II. After a two-year hiatus, Mobile Mardi Gras officially kicked off in downtown Mobile on Feb. 11, with the Conde Cavaliers parade. This Mardi Gras includes over 40 parades that will make their way through downtown Mobile throughout the month of February and into early March. 

The return of regular Mardi Gras activities, does not only include parades but Mardi Gras balls as well. Spring Hill College’s annual Mardi Gras Ball returned to the Hill on February 19 hosted in Byrne Hall. The Mardi Gras Ball was put together by the Campus Programming Board, a student-run organization dedicated to the planning, promoting, and facilitating of events on campus. The ball that featured food, dancing, a photobooth, and fun times  was attended by over 400 students and guests. 

Students were given the chance to vote for their Mardi Gras Court. The students named Mardi Gras Dukes and Duchesses were Blake Flood, Roger Baudry, Easton Hollis, Nic Johnson, Layne Carlson, Anna Aguilar, Caroline Weisinger, and Madeline Ortego. 

How do students feel about Mardi Gras starting back up and what do they plan to do? New Orleans native senior Hailee Richard stated “I'm excited to have Mardi Gras back, I plan on going to as many parades as I'm able to with my friends and just enjoying our last Mardi Gras together. Mardi Gras has always been a big deal. Because it was canceled last year I think this year will be bigger and better than normal.” Senior Kendall Gaffney stated, “I went to the Mardi Gras ball on campus and I plan on going to Fat Tuesday. I want to go enjoy the parades and a day of fun with some friends.” 

For more information on the Mobile Mardi Gras parade schedule and route visit under the events tab.

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