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Parents and Alumni Visit the Hill


Families of students and alumni visited Spring Hill College last weekend to participate in Parents Day Weekend, an event that celebrates the Spring Hill community. This was the first time the event was celebrated since the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Saturday, Oct. 23, the Spring Hill rugby team played a home game against Troy University. They finished the game with a victory, winning 57-12. Not only did the Badgers win, but many parents and alumni participated in a tailgate to watch the game. 

One member of the rugby team, Peter Mimnaugh said, “Both my dad and his dad went to Spring Hill, so it was really cool to have my dad be able to come back as an alumni and watch me play.” 

Mimnaugh also mentioned “Having the parents tailgate our game definitely raised the spirit of the entire team.” According to Mimnaugh he is excited to continue the tradition of parents’ weekend in his future years at Spring Hill.  

Along with the rugby game, the alumni department organized an event for some students and alumni called ‘Seniors with Seniors Brunch’. This brunch welcomed alumni and gave them the opportunity to visit with the Spring Hill College seniors. 

The brunch included the class of 1970-1971, who celebrated their fiftieth class reunion this year, and the current graduating senior class of 2022. This allowed for students to meet older Spring Hill alumni and gather with their senior class. 

Another event that happened during family weekend was ‘Red White and Cupola’. This allowed for senior families and alumni to go to the top of the cupola on campus. This area is not unusually accessible, but it gave guests an exclusive view of Mobile. 

The Center for Student Involvement on campus organized a family casino night on Saturday. Students were able to bring their families to enjoy a fun night of games and competition in Leblanc. 

Family weekend has been an enjoyable event on Spring Hill’s campus that allows the students to celebrate the Spring Hill community and include their families. Visiting alumni and families helped to create a fun environment on campus.

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