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Art League is Back on Campus

Amelia Hoffeld: SHC Art Professor Wanda Sullivan
SHC Art Professor Wanda Sullivan

The Art League at Spring Hill College is active on campus this fall after halting operations during the 2020-2021 school year. 

The Art League provides resources for students that share an interest in art. All students are welcome, no matter a student’s skill level. The goal of the organization is to provide programming to encourage art amongst students. 

Art provides many benefits to college students. According to, students who study the arts understand that “Hard work pays off…this understanding can be carried over into other academic endeavors.”

At Spring Hill College, art plays an important role in the lives of many students on campus. Senior Addison Bauer, a Graphic Design major said, “I enjoy seeing art around campus because it inspires me to be creative when I see other students being creative.” 

The Art League has plans to put on events throughout the Fall semester. An event that the organization has planned is “spooky” art for the upcoming Halloween celebration. This event along with others are still being prepared for the semester. The organization plans to meet weekly on Wednesdays at 7 pm in room 211 of the art building. 

One member of the Art League, Katie Rowe, likes to be involved in the organization because she likes to meet new underclassmen that are also interested in art. Rowe is a senior majoring in studio art and has been a participant in the Art League for two years. She likes that the club allows her to have a relaxing setting outside of classes. 

The Art League allows for students to have an environment outside of school to use their artistic skills. Students involved in the organization can use the club to advance their artistic abilities and gain resources outside of their major. 

The Art League organization is returning to campus for the Fall semester. Although the organization came to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, activities are projected to resume for the upcoming semester and are currently being planned. With the Art League being even more active this semester, more activities will be available for students on campus that are interested in pursuing their skills in the field of art. 

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