Fans Express Concern For Rapper Lil Wayne


Lil Wayne releases a new album to mixed reviews. Some heard the album as standard
fare from the rap giant, some concerned fans see the record as a cry for help.
Lil Wayne has long been a controversial figure in the music world, as well as in the eyes
of the public, but nonetheless a rap god. Through his music’s popularity as well as a series of
legal troubles, Wayne’s name became near-ubiquitous in pop culture of the late 2000s. His rapid-
fire wordplay, unusual delivery, and eccentric image have put him in the ‘top five rappers of all
time’ lists of hip hop fans across the world.
His newest album, “Funeral” was released on Friday, Jan.31 and most critics who have
reviewed it have given the album a lukewarm response. While I don’t personally believe an
album that an artist takes months or years to create should be fully reviewed in a weekend’s time,
from my first couple of listens, I overall agree. The album has some really amazing songs like
the opening track, and others that simply fall flat like “Get Outta My Head”. In general, the
album feels bloated at 24 tracks and could have been so much better overall if even just a few
were cut.
However, as a long time Lil Wayne fan, the album’s quality is not what concerns me
most. What scares me most about this album is the rate at which Lil Wayne raps about hard
drugs like cocaine as well as opiates such as codeine. The rapper has always spoken about drugs
in his music and his career-long addiction to codeine has even caused him seizures severe
enough to hospitalize him. However, with the slew of recent overdoses in the hip hop world such
as the deaths of Juice WRLD and Mac Miller, many of Wayne’s fans, myself included, are
begging him to try and kick the cup and toss the powder.
According to drugfree.org, a nonprofit dedicated to helping end drug abuse, the abuse of
prescription drugs is far too popular among teens, with “one in six admitting to using a
prescription drug to alter or change their mood.” Since Lil Wayne’s audience is predominantly
teenagers and young adults, the fact that he references drugs like this so frequently is concerning.
With Juice WRLD dying from a mixture of codeine and prescription pain killers and Mac Miller
from cocaine laced with fentanyl, rap fans are already wary of drug abuse in our stars at the
With Wayne releasing this album and titling it “Funeral”, then frequently referencing
cocaine and codeine, the fans’ fears for Wayne’s health are understandable. With his recent
marriage to Australian model La’Tecia Thomas he’s got plenty to live for, and it would be a
shame to see the rap giant go before his time. Drug addiction is not something someone should
be judged for, but they should seek help if they can. If you are struggling with drug abuse
problems you can call 1-800-662-HELP and seek care from a mental healthcare provider.

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