Disney+ Cements Streaming as the New Cable


As DVDs and VHSes collect dust in places unfound, entertainment companies like Disney, in
hopes to please a technologically driven world, join the ever-growing list of streaming services.

Ascending into mass popularity in the early 2000’s, streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are
now what most people use to watch their favorite shows. Since then, the streaming giants have
only grown larger and more accepted. Now, Netflix produces original programs and movies,
most of which are the most prominent among varying entertainment manufacturers.

With this trend on the rise, traditional television-based businesses, such as The Walt Disney
Company, found themselves in a market slowly withering away. Disney’s chief executive,
Robert Iger recognized this threat and decided Disney needed its own streaming service.

After 4 years of trials and planning, Disney launched its coveted Disney+ on November 12.
Disney+ couldn’t have come at a better time as, in 2019, the number of streaming subscribers
(613 million) has surpassed that of cable subscribers (556 million) according to the Motion
Picture Association of America. That, combined with Disney’s distinguished collection of
viewer-favorites ensures Disney+ to be a success.

As the addition of Disney+ disturbs the gains of distinguished streaming services, companies like
Netflix are trying to combat the family friendly contester. According to the New York Times
article titled, “Netflix Was Only the Start: Disney Streaming Services Shakes the Industry”: “To
defend its turf, Netflix is spending billions to produce Disney-style family entertainment.”

Further, Disney+ has encouraged other companies to stray from cable and go towards streaming,
“Comcast, the owner of NBCUniversal, with 21 million cable customers in the United States,
had been hanging back. But five months after Disney unveiled Disney Plus, Comcast announced
that next April it would roll out Peacock, a streaming service with 15,000 hours of
programming.” according to the New York Times article.

While many younger viewers enjoy the convenience of streaming, older viewers are scared that
days of television may soon come to an end. However the on-demand capabilities that streaming
offers is very attractive to many people. Cable carriers claim streaming companies have a rude
awakening: “Companies like Disney will have to learn how to deal directly with viewers, the
way cable companies have for decades — not an easy proposition, noted Pat Esser, the president
of Cox Communications, the nation’s third-largest cable carrier.” noted Brooks Barnes, writer of
the New York Times article.

As time advances, so does technology. People went to the movies for entertainment, then they
could find that entertainment at home with cable, now they can be entertained anywhere with
streaming. With the addition of Disney+, movies that inspired or shows that made viewers laugh
can be seen anywhere at anytime.

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