Redefinitions Lead to Inclusion of Transgenders in Sports

Staff: Avery Thayer
Avery Thayer

Transgender females are moving into women’s sports due to the redefining of the word sex to include gender identity. This redefining of sex to include gender intently developed from the “employment law (Title VII)," according to USA Today. 

A transgender female, a biological male who identifies as a female, has recently won the women’s Masters Track Cycling World Championships sprint title in October 2019. According to The Daily Wire, this transgender athlete, Rachel McKinnon, has won this title two years in a row. 

Some would say that transgender females deserve compassion and equality. They would argue with McKinnon who said, “There were many more barriers this year, a much bigger spotlight, truly incessant hate and people doing everything in their power to have me banned, make me fail, and make me quit.” 

Opponents to the viewpoints of fairness and equality for transgenders would actually say that it takes away from the equality and fairness for biological females. I support this side of the controversy. In general, men are biologically stronger than females; therefore, they outperform women naturally when it comes to sports. 

McKinnon even stated, “Biological men could have an advantage over biological women in sports,” but he emphasized that any critics are just transphobic. I argue that it is unfair to biological women who just physically can’t be judged equality with the biological abilities of a male. If transgender females continue to compete in women’s categories, then biological females won’t have their own category in sports anymore. It would be men competing with transgender females, which are biological males. 

Again, some people would say that transgenders competing in sports is fair and promotes equality. McKinnon said, “My doctor treats me as a female person, my racing license says female, but people who oppose my existence still want to think of me as male . . . So, if we want to say that I believe you’re a woman for all of society, except for this massive central part that is sport, then that’s not fair.”

The fact is that transgender females now have the chance to dominate women’s sports. McKinnon has already dominated a women’s sport, as a biological male, for the second time in a row. Should women who identify as female really be bested in sports by a male who identifies as a female? 

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