California Wildfire Crisis Continues

: Jose Chavarria
Jose Chavarria

For a couple of years, the state of California has experienced the deadliest and most destructive wildfires in its history. Millions of people live with uncertainty and helplessness of not being able to do anything to contribute to the end of the fire.

So far, it is estimated that since the wildfires began about 76,822 acres of forest have been lost according to CNN. Personally, this issue peaks my interest since there have been many evacuations of people and thousands of people have been left with the need for basic housing services and now the state of California is in a state of emergency. 

 It should be noted that the Kincade fire, in Sonoma County, has been the most dangerous and destructive, and unfortunately has consumed more than 74,131 acres of flora and fauna. Governor Gavin Newsom has declared and launched the state security department along with Los Angeles Fire Department to work together to control and extinguish the wildfires as soon as possible.My critical perspective is that our ecosystems are very important for human life. 

Something that catches my attention in this environmental outcry, is the lack of attention by the federal government. A few days ago, the current president refused to continue sending financial aid, according to The Washington Post. I consider this action Trump took as unprofessional and reiterated once again how incapable he is. Will the federal government continue to send economic funds to continue with the mission of ceasing the destructive fires, or will they continue to create controversial twists such as those shared a few days ago on twitter? 

Thousands of acres of fauna and flora have been lost. I hope that the federal government will send more financial aid to the state of California so that corresponding and appropriate means are taken for all citizens, since this is a very important issue for everyone.

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