The Final Season is Coming...

: Photo courtesy of HBO.
Photo courtesy of HBO.


Graduation is soon, but more importantly, in exactly three days from today, the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones begins. In celebration of this beautiful event that we are all about to experience together, let’s break down the newest mysterious season eight trailer, and what I think is hidden within it. It should first be noted that this trailer had no dialogue and not a single human being in it, but that does not mean that there are not plenty of codes to crack. 

The first thing I noticed appears around the 20 second mark of the video, where a pin appears to be partially buried in the snow. If you look closely you can see what looks to be fingers on the pin, which could resemble the one Tyrion’s received after becoming Hand of the Queen. Just two seconds later, a sword comes into the frame which is thinner than most swords shown in past seasons, except for one. Could it possibly be the infamous Needle, which belongs to Arya Stark? 28 seconds into the video, a feather blows off of the wall, but it isn’t just any feather. For those who remember from the pilot episode, Robert Baratheon put a feather that directly resembles this one on the statue of Lyanna. For spoiler purposes, I will not say who Lyanna is and what this means, but if you know you know. At 34 seconds there is a wheelchair broken up into pieces, perhaps the same one belonging to Bran Stark. This is directly followed with what I believe to be Jaime Lannisters golden hand and Daenery’s dragon chain. The next clue I noticed arrived at 44 seconds which reveals what looks to be Jon Snow’s Longclaw Sword. 

Although I am not sure what is going to happen in the final season, as a seasoned vet, I am preparing myself for the absolute worst after this trailer. This show has shown my favorite characters and emotional ties no mercy in the past, and I am not expecting anything less going into the final season. For those who have never seen it, it is never too late to start your new addiction. Just power through the first two seasons, but don’t skip them they are important to character development. Grab your popcorn everyone, because it is Game of Thrones time. See you on Sunday!

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