Spring Hill Should Invest in Bike Share System

: Emma Carroll
Emma Carroll

Bike sharing is seen as a helpful tool for students in universities across America. Not only does bike riding promote exercise, it provides a way for students to get around campus.

Personally, I drive to different buildings on Spring Hill’s campus. I might be judged considering our campus is not that large, however, I know there are others who feel the pain of walking from one side of the campus to another. For example, if you live in Skip’s dorm, New Hall or in the Fairways, the walk to certain places are exhausting, especially if you are carrying a heavy backpack.

Bike sharing racks could be placed at the student center, the dorms and the library for starters. These bikes could limit the temptation to drive across campus which not only reduces carbon footprint, but frees up the roads and promotes exercise. Also, it provides transportation for students who do not have a vehicle.  I know walking counts as exercising, but it is not as fast as riding a bike which is why I drive to begin with like others do.

Bike riding is enjoyable on a sunny day and I love the breeze on my face. Why don’t I buy myself a bike, you ask? I want to ride a Spring Hill bicycle. It promotes the college to all of the non Spring Hill goers that drive through our campus including the Spring Hill moms walking with their children. I think it would be cool to ride a Spring Hill bike with my friends to Mckinney’s before we eat something fried.

Riding a bike is the perfect way to warm up before going to the gym. I never go to the gym and it's because of the distance, not because of my lack of desire to work out. Spring Hill could also promote bike sharing by creating events such as a bike riding day. Clubs around campus could also use the bike sharing system for bike races for fundraisers or other events.

Bike sharing systems are used regularly in cities and other schools and have a high success rate. Spring Hill College should not be left out.

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