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: A Pretty Cool Looking Box
A Pretty Cool Looking Box

For those of you unaware, the caf recently began their Badger Pizza after-hours operation. This means that between the hours of 8pm and midnight, Monday through Wednesday, you can order pizzas and cookies from the caf with your badger bucks. Now upon first glance, this may not seem like much of an enticing offer, as why would you spend 9 badger bucks for pizza you can get for free during the normal caf hours? Well let me be the first to tell you, Badger Pizza is much different from the daytime caf pizza.

With a variety of pizza options including pepperoni, sausage, meat lovers, three cheese, and vegetarian there is something for everyone. The dessert options will also entice you as there are 4 different types of cookies (add ice cream for $1). All this considered, the caf’s after-dark enterprise is definitely starting with a bang. They’ve even got some pretty cool looking boxes to add to the feel that this is not your normal caf pizza. And it still isn’t, even after you open the box and take a bite.

For starters, I would argue that the pizza from Badger Pizza is on par, taste-wise, with most pizza delivery chains in town. The handmade pizzas come fresh and warm, and smell like an authentic pizza-pickup experience. And the taste certainly does not disappoint. The pizza reached far beyond my expectations, and the cookies came warm and soft, and were overall, the best dessert I’ve had in a while, once I added in the optional ice cream.

In addition to the taste, the convenience just cannot be beat. Once you call in your order, you can usually expect it to be ready in 20 minutes, and once it’s ready, you can just pick it up at the caf. It couldn’t be simpler. Once I tried Badger Pizza, I knew I would never need to order pizza from off campus again. Even once you’re out of badger bucks, you can still pay for Badger Pizza in cash.

The number to call is 251-380-3891. It’s a great option for a night studying, a late dinner, or if you’re hosting some people in your dorm. Caf workers, we salute you for this addition to campus dining.

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