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It's Formal Season on the Hill!

Katy Rasp: Seniors at Phi Mu formal.
Seniors at Phi Mu formal.


Spring Hill’s Greek life organizations hold formals at the end of the spring semester to commemorate accomplishments within their chapters and celebrate the ending of the school year.

Organizations select a venue, DJ and caterer to create a night of dancing and fun. Spring Hill formals usually start with pictures on the golf course. Students then check-in at the cafeteria before they board buses that will take them to a venue where students will stay for usually two to three hours.

As juniors enter this year’s formal season, they reflect on what formal has meant in the past and what it means now to them, their organization and what makes the night special.

Lindsay Bejcek, a junior in Sigma Kappa, sees the night as an escape from the busy life of a college student. She says, “Formal is a chance to escape from my normal busy college life. It’s a chance to bond with my sisters and dress up.”

Lily Shropshire, a junior in Phi, focuses on the bond it creates within the chapter. She states, “I always like to have fun with my sisters, and formal is the best because it is at the end of the year and is a great way for us to all come together and have a great time.”

Hannah Mueller, a junior in Tri Delta, reflects on what it means for every class. She says, “Formal is everyone’s favorite event of the year. It’s always sad for the seniors because it’s their last dance. It’s new and exciting for the freshman because it’s their first.”

Bailey Parrish, a junior in Delta Gamma, explains how all the hard work throughout the year is worth it on this night. She states, “We all get to spend time together and discuss all of our accomplishments for the year through a series of awards. It is a fun time for reflection.”

Mark Snyder, a junior in Delta Chi, likes the ability to dance the night away. He says, “Formal is a good way to show off your dance moves and make great memories with cool people.”

Kyle Mistretta, a junior in Lambda Chi, expresses how it is nice to be with friends for the night. He states, “It’s always a ‘vibey’ time. It’s fun to let loose with your friends even if it’s just for one night.”

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