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Men’s Bowling Team Rolls Into Sectionals


Members of the Spring Hill College men’s club bowling team traveled to Smyrna, Tennessee to compete in sectionals for the ninth year in a row. 

The Bowling Badgers were one of 20 teams playing in sectionals. On the first day, the Badgers knocked down 6,070 pins, placing 14th, knocking down 77 more pins than Wright State. On the second and final day of sectionals, the Badgers moved down one position to finish 15th place, rolling a grand total of 12,057. Senior Brandon Bonvillain said, “the conditions were rough and we didn’t finish where we wanted to, but I am very proud of our team.” Bonvillain added that this tournament showed the younger players what to expect and what is needed to become a champion in the sport of bowling.

In preparation for sectionals, junior Colin Beddingfield said, “We will do spare drills, we will be bowling on lane patterns that we expect to see at sectionals and we just keep each other up. If we’re down, we build each other back up and keep the good positive energy.” Beddingfield added that head coach Ben Hoefs has a lot to do with the success of the bowling team.

Hoefs stated, “Well what I expect from my athletes is that when they get on the approach to do the absolute best that they possibly can. Mentally get themselves ready to prepare themselves to throw the ball correctly, if they don’t, then we come back and try to make

our spares. I just ask for the most effort out of all of my athletes. As far as the goal is, obviously we would like to make it to nationals. We got to be in the top four, which is a long hard road and if we clean our frames up, we got a chance to get there.” Hoefs said that he started this bowling program 10 years ago, and each year gets better and better.

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