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Lady Badgers Take on the Jaguars


The Spring Hill College women’s basketball team traveled to the University of South Alabama to compete against the Jaguars on November 7.

The Lady Badgers played at the Mitchell Center where students and fans came out to watch the game.

SHC Women’s basketball head coach Karen McConico said, “I felt pretty good about our team’s performance tonight. I wanted us to come out tonight and compete and I felt like we did that. Players like Iamunique Bowie, Nyaneit Puok, and Yolanda Nelson worked to secure 45 points for the badgers throughout the whole game. Last year we finished last in the conference, so this year we're trying to be in the top three at least. Like I said, we’re a young team. Hopefully, with these freshmen growing up a little bit by the time we get to January, we’ll be where we need to be.” 

For the Lady Badgers, this was their second game of the season with a team made up of 10 new freshmen and two transfer students. 

Some players thought the Lady Badgers could have worked a little harder as a team. Redshirt sophomore Ariel Thompson said, “I felt like we came out and we played some good defense, but we went away from it for a while. USA started getting some easy shots. I felt like we kind of got a little lazy. We stopped running the floor like we were. Bad shots were taken and rushed shots were taken but this is practice. We still have plenty of games left in the season.” 

With USA just down the road, dozens of Spring Hill students attended the game to show their support. “It feels great seeing a lot of our supporters come back out because last season we didn't have this many, so it felt good to have people here cheering us on,” Thompson said. After the match on November 7, the Lady Badgers begin their season with a record of 0-2 after falling to the University of Louisiana Lafayette in the first game of the season.

The game against USA resulted in a loss for the Lady Badgers with a final score of 45-89.

For more information on the Lady Badgers’ schedule, roster, and stats, visit To watch the video story go to the latest episode of Spring Hill Now 11-10-22 Spring Hill Now Newscast.

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