Black History Month is More Than Just 28 Days

Samantha Brosseau:

SHC’s Black Student Union celebrated Black History Month by hosting a variety of different events all over campus in hopes of getting people involved. 

BSU kicked off the month by celebrating new inductees. They then moved forward to host events such as a lecture by Keynote speaker Leavie D. King, III on February 8 and a Culture and Music night at McKinney’s on February 10. 

King’s lecture focused on the idea that black history is so much more than what can be celebrated within a span of 28 days. BSU president and SHC senior Vaughn Terrell says “the events are being held during Black History Month and the goal, I guess, is to put people in our culture. You know, give them an opportunity to see us at eye level. Just expose them to different things. We are bigger than 28 days.”

Friday’s Culture and Music night featured an open rap cypher, musical games and freshly grilled chicken. SHC sophomore and event attendee Jordyn Pugh believed events like this are important to Spring Hill because of the sense of community it brings to the campus. She also felt as though prospective students would be attracted to such events. 

Pugh is a Resident Assistant at Viragh Hall, and she encouraged her residents to get more involved. Pugh says, “To be a leader, you have to get involved as well, so I come to these events with them just to also build a community in my hall as well as outside of my hall.”

BSU is fairly new to Spring Hill College, but they have big plans to get more people involved both on and off campus moving forward. 

“Since we are kind of a close organization, we had our inductions earlier last month, but we do have a lot of open events to the public and we are, you know, going to be doing things with a lot of people from different organizations and other schools,” said Terrell. Black Student Union has multiple events planned for the upcoming weeks, and all are welcome to join in the celebration of black excellence on the Hill. 

Check out BSU’s Instagram @shcbsu for updates and a schedule for the month. 

For any questions regarding upcoming events hosted by BSU, contact 

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