2022 Midterm Election Candidates Set New Records


The 2022 midterm election saw more women, LGBTQ+, Hispanic and Black candidates running for public offices than ever before.

According to, an American news outlet, 83 Hispanic and 33 LGBTQ+ members ran for House of Representative, 25 women ran for governor and 11 candidates for Senate were people of color.

Massachusetts made history by electing the nation’s first openly-lesbian governor, Maura Healey.

“Having a member of the community in office means so much for the community as whole. It gives us a sense of safety and a voice,” said SHC LGBTQ+ student, Hannan Linss.

“I believe that this election will influence future elections because it has proved that America is changing,” said SHC student Dimya Evans. “The increased representation of all groups including race, sexuality, gender orientation, etc. has created more opportunities for many people that may not have considered themselves to be the archetype politician,” said Evans.

According to the National Archives at, it was not until just over 80 years since Congress was established when the first Black person was elected for a position and 185 years until a LGBTQ+ member held a position.

Evans stated that people of color and minorities are represented in the sports and music industries, but there is an underrepresentation when it comes to government. She said that this situation can “subconsciously create a notion within ourselves that athletes or rappers are all we could ever be.”

As posted on website, “Democrats are committed to ending anti-LGBTQ violence, bullying, and discrimination.”

However, Linss was skeptical of the party’s claim to change.

“As soon as they [Democrats] are elected, their agenda towards the commuinity shifts.” Linss explained how she felt this could create distrust and animosity between the representatives and the community that supports them.

According to Evans, this year’s election was just the beginning of the turning point for the younger generation’s goals for the country.

“We as a nation have made great progress, but there is still progress to be made,” said Evans.

For more information on the 2022 midterm elections, go to Our Role in US Elections.

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