Dr. Lee Looks Back on His Time at Spring Hill


With his presidency at Spring Hill College drawing to a close in December 2022, Dr. Joe Lee reminisced about his three years on The Hill.

In 2018, Lee made the decision to move to Mobile, Alabama to become president of Spring Hill College. “One of my first memories was August 9, 2018. I was living in Portier Place, and I asked myself why I was here, and move-in day happened, and I realized that’s why I am here,” Lee said.

He also said that another memory he holds close is watching Spring Hill College head volleyball coach Peggy Martin get her record victories in volleyball.

“There are just so many memories, it is really hard to just pick out one or two,” Lee said.

Dr. Lee remembered St. Joseph’s Chapel as where he was commissioned as president for Spring Hill College. He also discussed how the chapel is where he has greeted parents, current Badgers and future Badgers throughout the years. “St. Joseph’s Chapel is really a special place. This place has not only been my spiritual home, but also a place for many special functions,” Lee said.

Lee said Historic Stan Galle Field is his favorite place on campus. “I love baseball and I think it is just an incredible tradition here.”

Lee also said that he was on the field for former head baseball coach Frank Sim’s 1,000th victory. “The first person I watched play for the Boston Red Sox, back in 1954, was Milt Bolling, who was a graduate of Spring Hill College.” Lee mentioned that he would come to as many Spring Hill College baseball games as he could, and that it was much better than being in his office.

Lee expressed that he does not want to explicitly define his legacy on The Hill himself, but rather let the community define it.

“I think we have brought some stability here. I think I have put together an excellent cabinet, and it is the best I have ever worked with.”

He is envious of new president Dr. Mary Van Brunt because she is going to inherit a great team, according to Lee. With only a few weeks left here on campus, Lee wanted to give Van Brunt a message: “You have a great team here, so use them. The challenges are real, but it is certainly the best college I have been associated with.”

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