Students Create Sidewalk Messages in Response to Graffiti on Campus


The morning of October 26, Spring Hill College found a racist message graffitied on the side of New Hall.

During a tour around campus, a family came across a racial slur written on the side wall of New Hall. The college immediately addressed the graffiti by painting over the slur. A few hours after the message was found, Spring Hill College President Joe Lee released a statement to faculty and students saying, “Besides being shocking, shameful, and hurtful, this kind of language does not reflect who we are here at Spring Hill and will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances.” 

Once students were made aware of this criminal act, they responded by writing messages in chalk throughout campus, showing that the student body would not stand for racism. Some of those messages read: “Racism? Mid.”, “No room for racists at Spring Hill” and “Justice, Truth, Action.” 

Vice President of Student Affairs, Kevin Abel, said that the college is holding an ongoing investigation to find the perpetrator. “Public safety and residence life are conducting an investigation and will be taking a look at cameras that may be in the area.” Abel also said that if the individual is identified, they will go through the student conduct process and that this is one of the most severe student conduct policy violations. 

SGA Sophomore Senator, Hammy Hamilton, expressed that the message spray painted onto New Hall hit close to home. “My great grandmother, whom I am named after, was a slave until she was freed in her teens. For that (the graffiti) to be right there and knowing her history, truly shook me to my core,” Hamilton said. Hamilton and their fellow SGA peers are pushing students and faculty to discuss the issues on racism even though they might be uncomfortable. 

Provost of Spring Hill College, Rebacca Cantor, sent an email to all faculty and students to share how the college is taking action on the issue. Cantor wrote in the email, “In response to the racial hatred our community suffered on Wednesday, as well as the many stories of injustice we’ve heard before and since, the Justice League is working to establish initial programming in support of our shared goal of racial justice.” According to Cantor, the Justice League will, “increase our campus-wide call to justice and cultivate meaningful action in our communities in support of our shared mission, Jesuit heritage, and institutional history as a force for good in the world.”

Investigator for Public Safety, Bradley Crenshaw, said as of October 31, he has interviewed seven people and is still going through the interview process to find the perpetrator. 

To share information regarding the graffiti that could lead to the individual who committed the crime, contact Public Safety at or (251)380-4444. 

For more information about the sidewalk messages go to CSI’s Instagram at CSI IG. To watch the video on this story go to Racist Graffiti on Campus.

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