Spring Hill Students Report Possible Mold in Housing


According to some Spring Hill College residents, possible fungal growth has spread across Andrews Hall over the course of the Fall 2022 semester.

Seniors Katelynn Berteau and Samantha Merrit found what they said to be mold in their apartment. They noticed the potential mold as soon as they moved in at the start of the semester, especially in the bathroom and air vents. One night, Berteau said she was in the bathroom when the ceiling started to fall on her. “The next day I went to Urgent Care, and they told me I had an upper respiratory infection,” said Berteau.

Merrit and Berteau took samples of the fungal growth and found that it was Stachybotrys mold. According to the analysis of mold samples, this is a type of black mold that is linked to allergic reactions, upper respiratory infections and toxic effects.

Spring Hill College officials were notified of the issue and moved Berteau and Merritt into neighboring Rubin Hall.

According to Berteau and Merrit, one day after being placed in a new apartment, a maintenance employee painted over reported mold in their new bathroom. The roommates said they continue to deal with mold in their new apartment, but it is not as severe as it was in Andrews.

At the beginning of the semester, senior Brandon Bonvillain smelled what he said to be mold on his ceiling. After investigating the reported smell, Bonvillain said he found mold and water damage in his bathroom.

“I immediately placed a work order so maintenance could come and fix the leakage and mold,” said Bonvillain, “but it took them two weeks to address it.”

He also claimed that maintenance addressed the issue by painting over the alleged mold. Bonvillain reported that after maintenance addressed the issue, the leaks stopped. However, he said he is still dealing with what he says to be mold.

Senior Resident Advisor, Aaron Foster, also reported alleged mold in his apartment in Andrews Hall. Foster said he has experienced this issue since April of 2022 when he first moved in.

“Once people started moving in this semester, that is when a hole started to form in my ceiling,” Foster said. He placed a work order on Oct. 3. Maintenance addressed the issue three days later and repaired the hole in his ceiling. Foster said that while his ceiling no longer has a hole, he still has
potential mold. 

Vice President of Spring Hill College, Dr. Ken England, described the standard procedure the college follows to address reported issues in on-campus housing.

“When we are notified, in particular from a student concerned, depending on what we find we will bring in a company to do testing of that particular room or apartment,” England said. He also explained that the college will make sure the student(s) are relocated or that the issue is remediated as soon as possible.

Spring Hill Now, the college’s video newscast, provided England with a list of students who shared similar complaints of reported mold. England said he will reach out to those students to make sure their issues have been addressed.

Additionally, Nathan Quinn, Director of Residence Life, urged students to report issues as soon as possible so they can address the situation promptly.

Students who have residential issues they feel are not being addresed are encouraged to email To watch the full story go to Res Hall Concerns.

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