You Should Visit the USS Alabama: Here's Why


     Dive into history this semester with a visit to the USS Alabama Battleship.

     Since 1965 Mobile has been home to the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park. This landmark is prized by the citizens of Alabama, Mobilians, and tourists from around the world. 

     The USS Alabama saw 37 months of active duty during WWII and earned nine battle stars. In 1962 when the Navy decided that the ship would be scrapped the people of Alabama raised the money to bring the “Mighty A” home.

     So why visit the USS Alabama? There are opportunities for college students including: scholarships, internships, jobs, and memberships. 

     The battleship is in excellent condition and there is always something new to see. Renovations make the ship safe for visitors and modern technology provides a new and exciting way to learn. 

     The battleship commission is also currently working on a new exhibit that will feature historical USS Alabama Crewmate items and information. 

     This is a 54 year old program that offers young ladies the opportunity to represent Battleship Memorial Park, the city of Mobile and the state of Alabama.

     Visitors can tour 12 levels of the battleship and go down inside the USS drum which is the oldest US submarine on public display. There are over 25 different aircraft on display, memorials, tanks, and a gift shop. I believe making a visit to the park is a great opportunity to dive into the past. 

     There is no need to worry if it will be closed on a holiday or special occasion because the park is open every day of the year except for Christmas Day. This leaves you with 364 days to choose from. 

     According to ussalabama.com, “The Park is easily the most recognizable symbol of the State of Alabama. Dedicated to all Alabama Citizens who have worn the uniform of all branches of the United States Armed Forces, the Park’s numerous artifacts, exhibits, and displays all point to the fact that the Park is America’s most unique military attraction. Come see for yourself.”

     Throughout the year there are special events that are open to the public. This includes living history drills where WWII style planes fly over the ship and crew members reenact what it was like to be on the ship during this time.

     Alongside this great attraction, the staff and people you will meet while visiting the USS Alabama will make your experience priceless. Being a 2021-2022 Crewmate titleholder myself I am a proud advocate for the ship and the opportunities that the park offers to veterans and community members. The battleship commission lends a hand in bringing up the next generation of workers and community leaders with hopes that we will all carry on the legacy of our state and the history of the USS Alabama. 

     For more information about the USS Alabama, go to the Battleship Memorial Park website or better yet take a trip to the battleship.

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