Public Safety Investigating Multiple Car Break-Ins

BessMorgan Baluyut: New Hall parking lot
New Hall parking lot

During March and April, the Department of Public Safety responded to three different reports about vehicles that were broken into and burglarized. 

Kevin Anderson, Chief of Police at Spring Hill’s Department of Public Safety and Security, said that two of the vehicles were Spring Hill students whose vehicles were parked in the New Hall parking lot at the time of the break in. The other vehicle belonged to a golfer and the break in occurred while the car was parked at the course. 

Anderson said “We have a video. We are pretty sure we have ID’ed the car.” Anderson also explained that a week or so ago there were a series of burglaries in the Semmes area with the exact same car suspected of involvement. “We think it is a 2021 Mitsubishi Mirage, black in color.” 

The Department of Public Safety and Security has reported the incidents to the Mobile Sheriff’s Office and the Mobile Police Department. They have also shared with them the video of the suspected perpetrator and their vehicle. 

Anderson says to “Always be vigilant of your surroundings and what’s going on. Spring Hill is a very small campus and everyone gets to know one another. Use that to your advantage. If you see someone who is out of place, report it.”

“It could be as simple as a new groundsman or it could be a burglar, but we’ll check it out. We don’t mind…” continued Anderson. “If you see something strange, someone out of place, report it immediately. Everyone has phones, and if you feel safe, step back and take a picture of it. Don't get involved and stay away, and call us first.”

Spring Hill College students and faculty are encouraged to lock their cars and not keep their belongings, especially those of value inside of their cars. Anderson says that most burglaries are crimes of opportunity. 

A burglar will be watching and waiting for someone to exit their car without a purse or bookbag, then they will walk by and if they see something they can quickly take, they will. If you cannot lock your valuables inside of your building, then lock them in your trunk. 

For more information on the Department of Public Safety and their protocols, visit

If you see any suspicious activity on campus or have any information that would help in identifying the owner of the suspected vehicle, please call 251-380-4000 or 251-380-4444.

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