Battle of On-Campus Apartments: Fairways vs. Portier

Madeline Ortego: View from the Fairways Apartments
View from the Fairways Apartments

On Spring Hill’s campus, there are two apartment complexes: The Fairways and Portier Place. Both apartments offer amenities such as a kitchen, large living rooms, and plenty of space to host guests, but the burning question is which apartment complex is better? In my opinion, the Fairways are superior.

The Fairways contain three consecutive buildings all identical. Each apartment building houses 48 students with 12 apartments in each building. Each apartment has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a laundry facility, and a common. Portier Place offers three different apartment styles. Students have the choice of a single, double or three-person apartment. The double apartments have one large bedroom and bathroom that two students share. The three-person apartments have a double room that two students can share, one single bedroom, and, two bathrooms .

Although both apartment complexes are similar in some ways and have lots to offer, one is the clear winner in my mind. I have had the opportunity to live in both complexes and in my opinion, the Fairways are a better choice. There are multiple advantages to living in the Fairways including location, convenience, space and social opportunities.

The Fairways are conveniently located in the middle of campus and within easy walking distance from all the classrooms and the student center. Living in the Fairways each student has their own bedroom, a large kitchen/living area, and a laundry room in each apartment. Portier also offers the opportunity to have a single room but getting a single apartment is hard to obtain since there are very few. There are single bedrooms in three-person apartments but the rooms are very small compared to that of the Fairways. I think the Fairways offer more social opportunities than Portier because each apartment has its own balcony students can hang out on and it is located on the golf course where students can relax in the sun on a nice day. 

Although I would pick the Fairways over Portier, Portier has its advantages over the Fairways such as the ability to live in the apartments as a sophomore or junior. Portier also has better furnishings and more storage space in the apartment. Both complexes have lots to offer, but in my opinion, the Fairways benefits outweigh Poitiers benefits. 

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