Which Would You Eat At Snacktime: Whales or Goldfish?


Two snacks that are similar in many ways but have enough differences to set one apart from the other. Which one is better? Cheddar Whales or Goldfish crackers? In my opinion, there is one clear winner.

Cheddar Whales and Goldfish crackers each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Whales are made by Stauffers and Goldfish are made by Pepperidge Farm. Whales and Goldfish have lots of similarities, both are made with real cheddar, both are baked snack crackers and most importantly both are underwater creatures. With so many similarities how can they be differentiated and which one is better? 

I believe that Whales are better, I didn’t always think that but as time has gone on Whales have surpassed Goldfish in my mind. 

One of the key differences between the two is their price point. Whales are much cheaper than Goldfish crackers and as a broke college student, I can buy a large box at the dollar store, get a great snack and not feel like I’m spending too much on a snack. 

Whales are also a larger cracker than Goldfish, more bang for your buck. 

The flavor of Whales is more savory and cheesier than Goldfish. Although Goldfish offers many different flavor options Whales are still able to reign supreme in my mind with their regular old cheddar flavor. 

I once was a goldfish enthusiast, mainly the flavor blasted Xtra cheddar flavor. I enjoyed trying all the different flavor options and I really enjoyed the baby goldfish for a while but once I started having to buy my own groceries I realized I liked Whales better because they were cheaper. 

Even with the many flavor options offered in the Goldfish product line Whales is able to compete with Goldfish with their basic cheddar flavor. 

My roommate also has agreed when we are making our snack purchases that Whales are the better bargain, we get more for the price and the pieces are bigger. 

Another reason Whales are better than Goldfish is because if you look at an actual whale and an actual goldfish who would win in a fight…the whale. 

Next time you’re looking for some crackers to snack on consider Cheddar Whales you may find yourself agreeing with me too. 

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