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Intramural Flag Football Kicks Off

Lucia Martinez: Intramural Flag Football Game
Intramural Flag Football Game

Every year, Spring Hill College offers student led intramurals to those who are non-athletes and who wish to play a recreational sport. This year, Senior Blair Lacy has been assigned head of intramurals. Lacy has refereed for the past few years and was glad to step up to this position. Senior Marquez Williams is part of the team, “Send it Cindy”, and explained the benefits of flag football as well.

Lacy said that the position was offered to him and shared that he was the “best fit” due to his prior years of refereeing for intramurals. He then said, “There are some changes I want to make, to make sure things run smoothly.” Lacy has hopes to improve the inner workings of SHC Intramurals overall. 

Lacy shared that the intramural sand volleyball season has just ended. The champions, team “Send it Cindy,” included Forrest Fontenot, Grayson Hetherington, Jonathan Garcia, and Lauren Hahn. On the evening of the last game, they celebrated and won special SHC Intramurals t-shirts. Currently, flag football intramurals are in season, with games running from 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Lacy stated that these intramural sports have co-ed teams as well that usually play in the beginning of the night. 

Williams complemented the participants when he said, “There’s a lot of really good recreational athletes at this school.” He described the sport as competitive and a lot of fun. Before hitting the field, Williams securely ties his cleats, slides on pink Nike football gloves, and is always sure to warm up. 

Be sure to stop by the rugby field to cheer on your favorite team! To sign up for future intramurals, email


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