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Midnight Madness Ignites Badger Pride

Gabriella Tucker: Students cheer on Conner Moore
Students cheer on Conner Moore

Badgers came together to support the men’s and women’s basketball teams and show school pride at the notorious and Spring Hill College’s unique event, Midnight Madness, on Oct. 12. 

The purpose of this event is to introduce the men’s and women’s basketball teams through a series of games and challenges. Junior Aundrey Washington shared that Midnight Madness has been her favorite SHC event since her freshman year. Washington said, “Overall the event does a great job of pulling students from all corners of campus for an amazing fun filled night”. 

 Several students eagerly awaited to be chosen as volunteers. The events varied from game to game. Students could play in events such as the hamsterball fights, aiming a rubber chicken into a basket for accuracy, and emptying ping pongs out of a tissue box without using one’s hands. In addition to these events, SHC’s Dance and Cheer teams performed with basketball players passing out t-shirts to eager fans in the bleachers. 

The spirit and enthusiasm shown amongst the students in the bleachers and the support for the basketball teams displayed ultimate Badger pride. Junior basketball player Angel Benson spoke on behalf of the team. Benson said, “When our team sees all this support, it makes us want to make our school proud by winning and working hard”. 

During the three-point shootout, there were many comebacks. Both the men's and women’s teams worked together to score. For the dunk shootout, some of the men's team players participated. Senior basketball player Chase Shellman won dunk contest against three of his other teammates in both rounds.

Overall, the students’ pride to be badgers and excitement for the men’s and women’s basketball teams brought the entire campus together. Make sure to lookout for the SHC men’s and women’s basketball teams’ upcoming home games!

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