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Steve Kittrell Returns to Spring Hill College as Softball Team Head Coach

Brenda Carrada: Coach Kittrell coaching his team
Coach Kittrell coaching his team

Kittrell, a Mobile native, began his coaching career in 1983 and spent his first season coaching Spring Hill's baseball team. The now-softball head coach has returned and has said to make the team “one of the top NCAA Division II schools in the South East."

Despite the new coaching changes, the loss of some girls who transferred and not being eligible for the conference championships this year, Kittrell still has a positive attitude. The returning coach said, “I‘m really excited about the young ladies we do have. I think the whole staff is excited about the chemistry and we want to be the best team that we can be. Our goal is to help them become that level.”

Kittrell is not the only addition that the team obtained this year. Former Badger shortstop, Shea McDaniel, has rejoined the SHC program as assistant coach. Coach Kittrell stated, “She has been a super asset to me. So I'm very grateful to have her as a full-time assistant coach.”

When asked about the new coaching staff, pitcher, Hannah Brenton stated, “I have learned a lot in the small time that they have been here. I’m looking forward to the season with them as my coaches.”

Regarding Kittrell’s coaching style and philosophy, he said, “My philosophy is to get that degree and have fun getting it.” Kittrell went on to say that he believes first and foremost that student-athletes are in college to get a degree. Kittrell said, “We want our softball players to really enjoy the whole package of Spring Hill College.” Freshman Brittany Hartung said, “I decided to play for Spring Hill because I am a nursing major. When I came to look at this school, I was looking for a school where I would be able to play softball all four years and still have nursing as my major.”

Kittrell described the team’s attitude as “tremendous.” He said, “I’m excited about their attitudes and the way they approach things.” Kittrell went on to say, “When you are coaching you want to have that kind of internal chemistry that perpetuates recruiting and young student-athletes coming to visit, it spills over and is contagious.”

According to Kittrell, teamwork is necessary for the greater good of the team. These badgers are, as he said, “a good group of young, fun and hard working ladies.” Brenton said, “We all work together very well. We are all very close and we’re a family. We have each other’s backs and when someone’s down we pick them up.”

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