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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and for many, that entails family, food and football. However, football isn’t just limited to watching it on TV or attending the games. Many football fanatics are ditching the fan aspect of the game to be a general manager.

Fantasy football has accumulated over 59 million American and Canadian users each year with a consistent incline in users. This year’s NFL season has experienced a 3.3% increase of fantasy football participants from 2016, making it the largest number of users ever recorded. The $7 billion per year industry has become a sports gambling phenomenon in North America.

Spring Hill College (SHC) is no exception with the participation in fantasy football. Senior, Dylan Kiene, has been a member of fantasy football for the last ten years. “Playing fantasy [football] has got to be the best part of the NFL season,” Kiene said. “…It makes the games way more interesting because you have so many players on your own team to watch and root for.”

Fantasy football allows fans to become team managers or owners of their own NFL team. By doing so, senior, Summer Soltis, has learned a lot about the league and its players. “Ever since I began playing fantasy football I have learned and become so familiar with NFL players. I feel so involved and informed during the [NFL] season,” Soltis said.

Week 12 of the NFL season falls on Thanksgiving week. The anticipated match-ups between the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions, San Diego Chargers and Dallas Cowboys, as well as the New York Giants and Washington Redskins will have many fantasy football users checking scores and standings within their fantasy leagues. Kickoff on Thanksgiving day starts off at 11:30 a.m., which will features the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions.

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