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Hurricane Zeta Destroys Softball Dugout

: Softball Dugout destroyed after Hurricane Zeta.
Softball Dugout destroyed after Hurricane Zeta.


Hurricane Zeta came through Mobile and destroyed the Spring Hill College women's softball dugout. 

On October 28, 2020 Hurricane Zeta made landfall hitting the Mobile area overnight worse than anyone expected. This hurricane left thousands of people without power including the Spring Hill College students. The SHC women’s softball team's suffered many damages and their dugout was completely destroyed by this hurricane. 

Steve Kittrell the head coach for the softball team said that, “I had a meeting with the school construction and the athletic director Joe Niland to rebuild the dugout, and met to talk about possibilities and get estimates to see if insurance will cover it and hopefully build it better than what it was before.”

The softball team is currently practicing, but not as much as before and they are learning how to adjust without a dugout until it gets rebuilt. “The girls have really adjusted to this” Kittrell says, “The hardest part with this whole process is not being able to practice for a few days, but the school was great in getting someone out here to clean it up.” 

The athletic department is running their annual “Back the Badgers” fundraising campaign, where you can donate to their team to help support them so they can officially be up and running again. So far they have raised $1,440 towards their goal and are hoping to raise more. When donating, you have to designate the women's softball team in order for the money to go straight to them. 

Please support your local badgers by donating to the “Back the Badgers” campaign at

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