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Golf Teams Prepare For Competition

: SHC golf teams plan to compete in upcoming Ryder Cup tournament. Photo By: Tara Summers
SHC golf teams plan to compete in upcoming Ryder Cup tournament. Photo By: Tara Summers


With the cancelation of sports for the fall of 2020, one team is gearing up to bring back some competition to the hill. 

The golf teams at Spring Hill will compete in the Ryder Cup- which will throw in some competition between the athletes and allow them to get used to playing competitively again.

Many of the golfers on both the guys and the girls teams are excited to play in a tournament, but first they must qualify, as only eight men and eight women can compete in the tournament. 

Sophomore golfer, Yannik Wessel, talks about his preparation for the tournament saying, “It is important for us to get in the rhythm of playing again, not many of us guys played over the course of the time off so it is all about getting in shape again and playing with my teammates especially when it comes to tournaments. At Spring Hill the short game is important so we work hard on that as well.” Yannik also mentioned that “this is a team event so it will be fun to get back out there with my teammates and play.”

Freshman, Natalia Michas, gave her explanation of how she is preparing for the tournament and said, “My first goal is to qualify for the tournament. After that, we can all think about having fun and enjoying the moment of playing again. Another thing that I am doing to prepare for the tournament is my short game because that is the most important part of the game in my opinion.” She also says that she hopes this gets her mindset right when it comes time for actual competition.

The Ryder Cup will showcase the golf team and their competitive nature as each athlete is trying to top one another to make it to the final eight on both teams. There is no date currently set for when the Ryder Cup will be held, but look out for more information once qualifications are over. 

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