Badgers for Justice


This week Campus Ministry hosted its Justice and Service week and it was filled with fun events. 

The week started over the weekend, on the 16th with the Greenkeepers sorting recycling and martyrs were remembered during the 9 p.m. mass on the 17th. On Monday, there was the Impossible Whopper Challenge and bags were made for Women’s Resource to help women who are pregnant. Also, Monday evening the Foley Center Living and Learning Community in Skip’s held an open house so others could learn about living in a service based community. A highlight of the week was Tuesday’s Labre’s Service Project which was creating bags for the homeless in our Mobile Area. Easton Hollis said that “we are helping our friends because they are my friends” when telling of his service with Labre. Labre is an organization that works with the homeless which Maria Marchetti said was simply about “building relationships”.  On Wednesday, there was an opportunity to leave campus to help serve at McKemie’s Place, an informative Foley Center sponsored event about a brand of coffee that is sold by the Jesuits, and the Clothesline Project hosted by the RAs. 

Thursday was the finale of the week of service and justice and concluded with a series of events. In the afternoon, there was an event to walk a mile in a refugee shoes by attending a refugee simulation put on my Jesuit Relief Service. After that, there was the opportunity to go to a Service and Non-Profit Career Fair.  Additionally the evening hosted an event put on by Alpha Sigma Nu about how once you have graduated, how you are called to continue to do service and justice. The final event of the week was an event by Sisters in Service and they showed a series of videos about the experience of minority women here on Spring Hill’s Campus.

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