Congress Considers Hazing Legislation

Marian Cook: Spring Hill College Avenue of the Oaks
Spring Hill College Avenue of the Oaks

Louisiana and Pennsylvania senators, Bill Cassidy and Bob Casey have come together to introduce a new bill that is believed to lead to an end to hazing on college campuses and the deaths and injuries that go along with it. Those behind the End All Hazing Act are hopeful that it will provide parents and prospective students with better information about the universities’ histories with hazing. 

According to a press release from Bill Cassidy, the new act is meant to “assist students in making the best choices for their futures.” The act would require colleges and universities to post a web page, that is to be updated twice a year, which includes information about any reported hazing infractions that threatened the wellbeing of students within the past five years. 

Along with the help this act would provide to prospective students and their parents, it is also meant to hold organizations on college campuses accountable for their actions and to improve safety to the students who are already involved in these organizations. This bill came to life following the deaths of Louisiana State University and Pennsylvania State University fraternity members due to hazing. 

Leading members of the National Panhellenic Conference and North American Interfraternity Conference showed their support for the passing of the bill, in a joint statement saying, “We are thrilled to see the bipartisan introduction of the End All Hazing Act in the Senate, which is critical in the fight to address and stomp out this issue. We must bring more transparency, accountability, and improved safety to all student organizations on campuses nationwide.”

The Spring Hill College Hand Book states that there is a no tolerance policy for hazing on campus. The hand book states that hazing is a violation of the laws of the State of Alabama as well as the polices of the college.  It is stated, “Hazing will not be tolerated and severe action will be taken by the College against any student or organization found in violation of this policy.” 

When asked about her feelings on the topic, Sigma Kappa Sorority president, Peyton Givan stated, “In my personal opinion, I believe that we, as college students, are at a lucrative point in our lives where the decisions we make affect our future careers and I think that this bill will help provide clarity in order for us to determine which path to choose.”

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