Annual SHC Family Weekend Brings Together Community

: Monica Moreno (Left), Madeline Campo, & Caroline Strand with their mothers for Phi Mu Brunch
Monica Moreno (Left), Madeline Campo, & Caroline Strand with their mothers for Phi Mu Brunch

One weekend, every Fall Semester, the Spring Hill College community grows just a bit larger as families from all over make their way to Mobile and up the hill for its annual Family Weekend.

After what meteorologists forecasted to be a disaster, Family Weekend was, instead, filled with sunny skies and good times. Gary Bauer, father of Sophomore Addi Bauer, recognizes the importance of this time: “Family Weekend was a wonderful event which allowed me a glimpse into the world that is shaping my daughter from the highschool girl we said goodbye to just 16 short months ago, into the independent, educated and confident young lady we want her to become!” Sophomore, Elizabeth Thompson, whose mother visited her this past weekend, sees it as something necessary, saying, “As college students, we are so busy and sometimes don’t find time for your family. Whether it just be a phone call or even a text, we’ve all had a day that we just didn’t have time for it. Having Family Weekend really gives students an opportunity to appreciate their family.”

Asia Hudson, coordinator for the Center for Student Involvement (CSI), explained how the full-weekend event went. “I think it was a good turn out. However, it was kind of tricky planning around whether that didn’t happen. Overall, though, I think families and students were happy,” Hudson said.

Some family members recognize it as a chance to see what it's like to live as a Badger. Adair Boudreaux, sister of Senior Avril Boudreaux said, “It was fun to be a part of Spring Hill for the weekend and explore the good ole city of Mobile, Alabama!” Avril, glad to host her sister, said in response, “I loved being able to show my family why I love Spring Hill and teach them what it means to be a badger!” However, not every student had their families attend this weekend. Sophomore Meredith Mimnaugh mentioned, “My family wasn’t able to make it this year. However, I still felt like family was present because I was taken in by the families of my friends.”

Family Weekend, as always, was a success resulting in much needed comfort and delight and encouraged an evergrowing Badger community.

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