SHC Offers Enterprise Program for Students

Jessica Winter: Enterprise Program Overview
Enterprise Program Overview

A new certificate program is in its pilot year at Spring Hill College. This opportunity allows the chance for students to earn a Certificate in Free Enterprise Studies — the John J. Burke Jr. Center for the Study and Advancement of Free Enterprise is open to all Spring Hill College degree-seeking undergraduate students.  

John J. Burke Jr., a graduate of Spring Hill and friend to President Emeritus Dr. Christopher Puto, reunited back in 2016. They came together to create something that would give students at Spring Hill a chance to gain a deeper understanding of how free enterprise works in the United States. Dr. Puto, the founding director of the Center, said, "to my knowledge, there is not a similar program at any of the colleges I know, and it offers our students a strong added differential when they are competing for jobs and career success after graduation." 

A certificate is a shortened version of a major; it only takes 12 credits or four courses. Once completed, on your transcript you receive a notation that says you earned a Certificate in Free Enterprise Studies. The four courses consist of PHL 355: The Morality of Markets taught by Dr. Tom Metcalf, POL 389: The Foundations of Free Markets and Free Societies taught by Dr. Tom Hoffman, CFE 450: Market Definition and CFE 452: Enterprise Creations, both taught by Dr. Puto. 

This program is designed for rising juniors to take starting their fall semester and finish the spring of their senior year. However, it is not limited to just rising juniors. Any year can apply as long as it is before the spring semester of their senior year. The only requirements sought by this program is that the student is a degree-seeking student; any majors are eligible to apply. 

Additionally, the Certificate in Free Enterprise Studies allows for courses to be set up to count towards core requirements and electives. Ultimately, this means a student could take on the certificate and not technically add anything to your course load. To apply to be part of this program, contact Dr. Puto. 

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