Fake Wedding, Real Community


This past Saturday at 5 p.m., students gathered outside the Fairway Apartments for the event of the spring, the annual fake wedding. Don’t let the name fool you, it is just as much of a celebration as a real wedding would be. However, instead of being a celebration of an actual marriage, it is simply a celebration of community among Spring Hill students. The event brings together students from various organizations, majors, interests and backgrounds all to celebrate the (fake) union of two of their fellow students.

From the procession including flower girls and a ring bearer, to the vocal accompaniment and even down to a homily, the fake wedding seems to include all the elements of a real wedding. No one is quite sure how the event originated, but that seems to only add to the intrigue of it, as it has been a campus staple for years, grabbing attention from both Spring Hill students and otherwise.

Some people even commuted to Mobile from their respective colleges to witness the celebration. Josh Tuminello, an LSU student who travelled from Baton Rouge for the event, stated, “It was honestly a really cool and unique experience because I don’t think it would ever work for LSU. I thought it was really interesting how everyone seemed to know everyone, and I felt genuinely welcomed by everyone there. I guess you could say I’m envious because my school doesn’t have the close community vibe that Spring Hill has.” Other cities people commuted to the fake wedding from included Nashville and St. Louis.

Overall, the fake wedding is a perfect example of the community that Spring Hill has to offer. It emphasizes the inclusiveness of the Spring Hill community. You don’t need an invitation to come to the fake wedding and you don’t even need to go to school here. Everyone is welcome. It serves to show that despite the differences between us, we can all unite over something, even if it is something as simple as a fake wedding.

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