Public Safety Cracking Down on Driving Violations


This semester, public safety officers are carefully watching for student traffic violations and enforcing state citations if needed.

Spring Hill College’s Chief of Police Kevin Anderson said state citations can be written for offenses such as running stop signs and the misuse of the handicap parking spaces and fire lanes. Anderson said a student’s first violation will only result in a campus citation, but he went on to say, “if they are a habitual offender we will write them a state citation and take it to the court downtown.”  

In general, Anderson said most misdemeanor crimes are taken to residence life, while Public Safety focuses on traffic law.

Students around campus had varying opinions on the topic. Junior Nathan Stephens was upset with the recent enforcements. Stephens said, “the pub safe that I knew from my early days was very laid back and relaxed, they just made sure to keep everyone safe without enforcing to many rules.”

Sophomore Camryn Brouillette took a different view as she said, “I guess it is a good thing they are cracking down because they are just trying to keep everyone safe and it’s great to be able to have people on campus that are looking out for our well-being.”

Although students may be worried, Anderson offered this simple advice to, “abide by the law, because that’s what the law is for.” 

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