SHAPe Retreat Bonds Students

: Relationships are strengthened through SHAPe retreat.
Relationships are strengthened through SHAPe retreat.

Over 25 students gathered for the fall SHAPe retreat that took place from September 28 through September 30.

SHAPe, which stands for Spring Hill Awakening Program, has been a standing tradition within Campus Ministry for 17 years. Since 2001, students have been leading other students through this retreat to begin a conversation about faith and community on Spring Hill’s campus. Campus Ministry hosts the retreat once a semester, and student leaders make sure it runs smoothly each time.

The retreat focuses on certain aspects of spirituality that are not limited to a specific religion. Students who staff the retreat give talks that range from the Holy Spirit and agape to vocation and community. The rest of the retreat’s contents is top secret until the student chooses to attend. Most students who go on the retreat will advocate for others to attend.

Sophomore Camryn Brouillette said, “I had an amazing experience with SHAPe. Being surrounded by a group of people who teach me, help me and support me is truly something that I feel so blessed to have. This retreat beautifully filled my heart with so much love and gratitude and filled my mind with great new understandings and perspectives. The weekend overall was everything I could ask for and more.”

Joan Wilson served as a volunteer for the weekend, and it was her first time at SHAPe. She stated, “The community that is created at SHAPe is something that you don’t see all the time on campus, people from different sides of campus like Greeks, SGA, athletes and commuters coming together to create a beautiful and uplifting community.”

Junior Joseph Stautner recommends that students should go on the retreat. He stated, “SHAPe offers students a wonderful opportunity to see the ways that God has been working in their lives and reach a deeper appreciation for the many gifts we are blessed with daily.”

While the fall semester retreat has come and gone, there is still a chance to attend another retreat next semester. Campus Ministry will inform the students when the spring dates are available.  

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