Summer Classes on the Horizon

Kristen Dunham: Denise Robb, coordinator of Student Advising Services at Spring Hill College.
Denise Robb, coordinator of Student Advising Services at Spring Hill College.

As the weather warms up, students are likely already making plans for the summer. Whether planning a job, an internship, or time off, students often look forward to the season; however, students also have the option of taking summer classes.

Denise Robb, coordinator of Student Advising Services, listed some benefits of taking summer classes: students can get ahead, reduce their course load for the fall and spring semesters and can stay on track and retake a class they failed.

Nevertheless, students should consider a few things before deciding to take a summer course. According to Robb, students sometimes have the misconception that all SHC summer courses are online. The summer term is divided into four sub-sessions with some classes online, on campus, or a mix of the two. Robb said, “There’s a pretty even split of online and in-person classes...the last summer session is all online, but the first three have a mix.”

Students who want to take summer classes at another institution must fill out a transient study application, which can be found on BadgerWeb, and must get it approved by their advisor ahead of time. Robb said this is especially important for major-specific courses that usually must be taken at the home institution.

Further, Robb said that taking a course at another institution will not improve a student’s GPA. As a final word of advice, she suggested that students speak with their advisors to determine if taking summer courses is a good option to help them move forward.

A tentative summer course schedule is on BadgerWeb, and a complete version will be released in the first week of March.

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