Public Safety Introduces New Safety Device

Katy Rasp: A representative from Peace of Mind Company speaks to students during move-in to introduce the new safety device.
A representative from Peace of Mind Company speaks to students during move-in to introduce the new safety device.

The Spring Hill College Department of Public Safety has introduced a handheld personal safety device for the 2017-2018 school year.  

Spring Hill College Public Safety began a partnership with an organization called POMCO. According to the Peace of Mind Company, there is a goal of “pioneering the next generation of public safety.” The POM is a personal safety device that is the size of a small keychain. It has the ability to contact public safety with just a single click. The device is able to connect to a smartphone through Bluetooth pairing. The settings can be found in the POMCO app that can be downloaded from either the app or android store. The POM also has the ability to reach outside the college. Through the use of geo-fencing, it gives students the option to contact local police, regardless of where they may be.

Along with providing a sense of security for its users, the POM has many other added benefits. According to Andrew Leahy, the Co-founder and President of POMCO, one of the most popular features is the key finder. If connected to keys, this feature allows users to use their POM as a key finder through the app. Another beneficial feature of the POM is its ability to place a fake call to a phone in case of a situation where a person needs an excuse to leave.

Due to the fact that this is the first year the POM is being offered to Spring Hill Students, many people are still unsure of what it is. The majority of users are freshmen students, who were informed of the device and purchased it before moving on campus. Freshman, Ryan Glynn said that she bought a POMCO because “my mom was blown away that a little black button could do so much and could save me in times of trouble. Since I live 14 hours away from Spring Hill College, my mom bought it so she could know I was safe at all times on and off campus.”

However, there is some opposition to the new device. Junior Emilee Adams, believes that the device would not be as effective in an actual emergency. Adams says “If I was in an emergency situation, and my phone was dead, the location services would not work, which is needed to show where I am. I personally do not find it necessary to have one on Spring Hill’s campus. I have always felt completely safe here, and there has never been a time where I felt there was not anyone who could help.”

The price of these devices is also another aspect that Spring Hill students must consider. A lifetime subscription costs $145. For some this price is worth the benefits. However, others say they feel safe enough already and do not see the need to spend money on the device.

The POM, while only in its first year at Spring Hill, can be seen on many backpacks and keys. In general, students feel very safe on Spring Hill’s campus. However, this extra sense of security puts many parents at ease. Todd Warren, Director of Public Safety, is optimistic about the growth of the device on campus. He says, “We would love to see more folks buy them.”

For any students interested in purchasing a POM, they can either be ordered online or in the Public Safety office.

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