Give Day Will Give More to SHC

Kristen Dunham: Philanthropy Interns Preparing for Give Day
Philanthropy Interns Preparing for Give Day

Changes for Spring Hill College’s Give Day 2018 will bring more incentives and funds for different divisions of the college.

This year’s Give Day will be Monday, March 19. Give Day is Spring Hill’s annual tradition when students, faculty, and staff come together to help raise money for the college. On this day, alumni, friends of the college, families and other donors contribute monetary gifts that typically range from $25 to $100. However, no amount is too small or too large, according to Cris Smith, Director of Annual Giving. Smith believes one of the important things about Give Day is helping people realize that even small gifts add up and impact the college. The goal for this year is to raise $225,000 with 1,000 donors.

Give Day 2018 will be slightly different from past years where all donations went directly into the Spring Hill College Fund. Donors who are alumni have a chance to donate to the division that has impacted them the most. “We expanded the [incentive] designations so that an alum from business could give to the business division,” Smith explains. “If we’re going to encourage [alumni] to make a difference on campus, we want to let them have the opportunity to do it where they spent their time and for what they care about.” Some incentive designations include the divisions of business, education, nursing and Campus Ministry. Gifts will also go toward regional scholarships like the Chicago Alumni Scholarship, the New Orleans Chapter Scholarship and scholarships for the Mobile and St. Louis Alumni Chapters.

Hourly Incentive Challenge Activities throughout the day will also encourage Give Day participation. For example, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., the most liked post with #shcgiveday and the division’s hashtag will receive a $250 incentive fund for that division. This encourages outreach from divisions to alumni and friends since the divisions will collect those incentives. According to Caitlin Jones, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, philanthropy interns from the Office of Development have spoken with each department on how to prepare for these hourly activities

The philanthropy interns who work with Phonathon enjoy being a part of Give Day because of how it impacts students like them who receive scholarships. They also appreciate the changes that help directly fund each division.  “This is more personal because it’s not just for our overall goal,” said Lauryn Herman, one of the philanthropy interns. “It’s going specifically for your division or department… Give Day is more personal than just our average everyday calling.” Jones says they also like they are working for the bigger picture of Spring Hill and the future.

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