Class of ‘72 Finally Walks Down the Avenue


It took 50 years, but members of the Spring Hill College class of 1972 finally took their graduation walk down the Avenue of the Oaks.

Their special ceremony was part of Spring Hill’s Homecoming on the Hill for alumni and family weekend.

Rain forced the 1972 graduation ceremony to move from the Avenue of the Oaks to St. Ignatius gymnasium. Peggy Rolando, a 1972 class alumna, said that the indoor location was “a much less glorious setting we had hoped for.”

“When we were planning the reunion for the class of 1972,” said Rolando, “several of our reunion committee mentioned doing a new walk down the Avenue of the Oaks. And that’s what we did. It was very gratifying to walk down with many of our classmates. It was a chance to relive a golden moment of our graduation only flash forward 50 years,” she explained.

“It means a great deal to be back at my alma mater,” said Christopher Peters, as he recalled his time here on the Hill. “I have a fine memory of my time here and they have prepared me for a wonderful life. And during this reunion, I believe we should honor the people we used to know that had a real effect on us: professors, administrators, and fellow students. They were the best of us," Peters said.

Alumni and family weekend took place Oct. 21 and 22. Over 350 alumni and families came to Spring Hill College to celebrate the events around campus.

For more information about SHC alumni events, reach out to the office of advancements operations in Byrne Hall by going to Advancement Office. Or visit the SHC National Alumni Association social media page at SHC National Alumni.

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