Badger Students Respond to Canvas Transition

Maddie Braham: Camvas is being used on a desktop computer.
Camvas is being used on a desktop computer.

 After spending numerous semesters with classes on Schoology, Spring Hill College has decided to change its operation to Canvas, and this decision has caused quite a stir all around campus.

     When students returned to campus for the fall semester of 2021, many were surprised to find that their classes were no longer on Schoology. As freshmen, students had to become familiar with this Learning Management System because all of their classes and grades would be accessed through this platform. Many students thought this transition was jarring, and some thought the platform was confusing to use. “It’s just so foreign,” says junior Amber Branch, “And a little unnecessary.”

     A few concerns students have voiced about the issues they have experienced with Canvas have to do with the layout and its active notification system. Branch continues, “The format is confusing. I no longer have all of my assignments and due dates on the side like I’m used to, so I miss a lot of assignments and drop boxes.” Senior Jordan Lang is more concerned with the site’s subtle distinction between assignments and announcements, “Sometimes I’ll go into a new tab expecting to see a new assignment, and it winds up being an announcement from my professor. That’s a lot of stress I could have avoided.”

     Other students were already familiar with the Canvas platform and were largely unaffected by the switch. “I actually dealt with Canvas in high school for all four years,” Junior May Sullivan says, “So, this isn’t anything new to me.” 

     Students who were already familiar with Canvas had reasons for preferring this platform over Schoology. Sullivan’s favorite tool on the site is the ‘What If’ grade tool. “It helps you see, ‘I need to score this on a test in order to receive an A in the class’.” She states, “This is really helpful, especially if you want to know the minimum score you need to get on a test to pass.” Junior Beau Reed likes Canvas for its simple layout, “I just think it’s super easy to navigate, unlike Schoology.”

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