: Columnist Jared Jacoby

No Projects Due Right After A Break!

I believe that students in college should not have big assignments due right after breaks. Being a college student myself, whenever I am on a week-long break, my mind is not on school. Instead, it is on my family and resting. Whenever there is a p...


Why the NFL & NBS Shouldn't Make College a Requirement

Coming out of high school athletes should be able to enter the draft and start their career off with a running start.  A major conflict in sports is the fact that athletes should be required to enter into college for at least one year because the...


Should College Students Get Yearly Flu Shots?

  With COVID-19 continuing to be a threat to public health, will college students get vaccinated for the flu? For years, the flu shot has been a part of our yearly routine. With the pandemic still affecting everyday life, many colleges are manda...


The Academy is Hampering Artistic Integrity

The Academy announced new initiatives that would require films to fulfill certain diversity requirements to qualify for Best Picture. Failure to meet these diversity requirements would eliminate the film from receiving an award.  The Academy clai...