Who is to Blame for Rising Gas Prices?



Everytime I drive past a gas station with my friends, at least one person exclaims, “Gas prices are too high!” or “The gas is so high. It’s Biden’s fault.” This is followed by a discussion that questions who to blame for the quickly rising price of gas. It is annoying, but who exactly is at fault? 

When looking for the answer, many sources have different explanations, but one is common throughout the contradicting opinions. Supply and Demand. Covid- 19 restrictions have been lifted in most states and more people are traveling. Whether by plane or car, the need for gas is rising. As the demand rises, prices increase. Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, says “Really the blame for this is economic improvement- Americans getting out, having places to go. The economy’s reopening, and Americans are responding vigorously, driving up demand.”, in an National Public Radio segment conducted by Camila Domonoske. 

In understanding that demand has risen over the last few months, is it coincidental for a new president to get elected and then the gas prices increase accordingly? The answer is no. 

As Joe Biden took office, one of the Day 1 executive orders included canceling then the cross- border permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. This was his effort to make renewable energy more competitive for Americans by raising the cost of more traditional methods of energy. 

Now as gas prices rise, society has to understand the limits of nonrenewable resources. The efforts to become majorly reliant on clean energy comes from the struggle of this awkward ‘in between period’. Gas is more expensive, and probably will only increase as summer comes around, but electric cars are becoming more affordable. There absolutely must be a push for gas prices to rise in order for people to realize there are better energy sources. 

In a situation such as this, we have to look at the bigger picture. The overall good for the environment and people relies on society switching to renewable energy, and Biden’s policies are geared towards making America a nation in which clean energy is prioritized. 

Even without the policies of Biden being active, the economy is opening for the first time in a year. The increase in gas prices was inevitable.    

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