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Sacha Ducreux: Asserehou Denis Agayi

Elefangan: Newest Non-Profit on Campus

  A Spring Hill College senior Asserehou Denis Agayi founded Elefangan, a non-profit association aiming to better the education of children in Ivory Coast, his native country, a few weeks ago. Asserehou Denis Agayi and his sister Angélique decid...


Students Around the Hill Suffer from Senioritis

With graduation being in just a few short months, some seniors on Spring Hill College’s campus are experiencing a different type of sickness: senioritis.  The pseudo sickness targets seniors as they endure the last stretch of a grueling four-year...


Badgers Celebrate at Greek Fest on the Hill

Greek Fest, a collaboration between Spring Hill’s Panhellenic Council and Interfraternity Council, occurred on Friday, March 5th from 7-10 pm.  This event featured a DJ and dancing tent on the soccer field, a bar inside of Byrne Hall, and Greek f...


Campus Ministry to Hold Easter Vigil Mass

With Easter approaching in just a few weeks, students on Spring Hill College’s campus are participating in the Lenten season.  Chris Daffin, a work-study student for Campus Ministry, said, “Lent is a season of reflection and of prayer for the for...


Second Generation Badgers on Campus

  Many students at Spring Hill College are carrying on a family tradition of attending the school after many generations before them. These families hold strong ties to Spring Hill College and take advantage of the opportunity to experience Jesui...